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we seek to be a community that

Faithfully and thoughtfully preaches the Bible so that the good news of Jesus Christ is understood by anyone, religious or irreligious

Shows deep compassion for the spiritually and materially hungry and homeless and aims to meet their needs

Is diverse in leadership and membership, representative of Oakland

Disciples people to live their faith, in their workplaces, their families, their finances, and their city

people who 'don't belong together'

God has made us in his image and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ with one Father in God. In light of this truth, we all belong together.

gathered around jesus

In essence, a church is a group of people gathered around the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the church’s object and foundation.

for the sake of those who don't belong

There are so many people in the city of Oakland who reject the gospel simply because they have never heard a clear, winsome, non-judgmental presentation.

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