Pastor for City Mission

Larry Austin

I’m a true Bay Area cat!!! I was born in San Francisco, but raised in Oakland (Elementary School & Middle School) and Richmond (Middle School & High School). I married my high school sweetheart Michelle and we have three beautiful daughters, Amani, Brandy and Faith . Being surrounded by four beautiful ladies continues to teach me what it means to love the bride of Christ, the Church. I received a football scholarship to play football at Portland State in 1993-94 and while pursuing a pro football career, God called me to trust and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I truly feel called to the city of Oakland, in which I’ve worked in through the Urban Services YMCA for the past 9 years as a program director. Oakland, while being an amazingly diverse and culturally rich city has been challenged by despair, injustice, confusion and hopelessness. This makes it fertile ground for the Gospel (the Good News) of Jesus Christ. My desire is to see Christ exalt himself in the city of Oakland through the life, love and language of his people who give themselves to the Gospel for the Peace of the City.