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City Engagement

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Why Serve?

Build Relationships

In our fast-paced culture it can be difficult at times to create, grow and nurture meaningful relationships with others, especially people that we normally wouldn’t encounter. City Engagement offers an opportunity to build deep relationships with communities outside of your own. Sometimes we step into service thinking that we are the ones with something special to offer, only to experience profound blessing from the person that we thought we were serving.

Share the Love of God

Faith is a response to our personal experiences of God’s love. Service is a chance to share that love with others so that they can know God better or maybe meet God for the first time. It’s not about proselytizing, it’s about reminding people that they are seen, loved, and cherished.

Put your faith in action

We are made to make a difference for the sake of others. Not only do we seek to flourish for our own sakes, we are made to help others flourish as well. When we put our faith into action, we have a chance to meet Jesus in those that the world would call the ‘the least of these’. We get to see and participate in the ways that God is already at work in the world.

Partner Organizations

At OCC we recognize that there are a number of organizations already doing great work within the city. Instead of trying to create new duplicate ministries we seek to partner with these organizations in order to help continue the great work that is already being carried out.For more information about the partners, you can contact them directly or

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