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About Us

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gathering people who 'don’t belong together' around Jesus for the sake of those who don’t belong.

Oakland City Church is a new church for the city of Oakland. It’s our desire is to plant a church in a ‘boundary’ neighborhood of Oakland that

• faithfully and thoughtfully preaches the Bible so that the good news of Jesus Christ is understood by anyone, religious and irreligious

• shows deep compassion for the spiritually and materially hungry and homeless and has a real ability to meet their needs

• is diverse in leadership and membership, representative of Oakland

• disciples people to live their faith out incarnationally, in their workplaces, their families, their finances, and their city our faith

We are a new church that is both learning and committed. We are learning from our surroundings, our experiences, and from everyone who joins us. We are also committed to the good news of Jesus Christ, the hope of the world, as expressed in the Bible and the historic Christian expressions of faith. As a diverse group of believers we come together around the universal statement of the historic Christian church – the Apostles creed. At the same time, people of all political, social and personal perspectives are welcome to discover more about the person of Jesus.

Gathered around Jesus

In essence, a church is a group of people gathered around the Lord Jesus. Jesus is the church’s object and foundation. Despite our differences, legitimate or otherwise, we can find a common identity in the grace of Jesus and his authoritative word. Jesus is the only hope for our pride and our fear. We spend time reflecting on Jesus' life in the Bible through teaching, discussion and practice.

People who ‘don’t belong together’

God has made us in his image and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ with one Father in God. In light of this truth, we all belong together. Moreover, in the final reality of the new kingdom, people from every tongue, tribe and nation will be together in worship. However, in the here and now, people are separated because of sin, economics, history and social pressure. There are many ways in which people feel as though they don’t belong together. Sadly churches do not simply reflect this reality. They often reinforce and strengthen this division. In Oakland, there is a value and commitment to bringing these diverse elements of society together. It is an aspiration, rarely experienced. We believe that the most faithful churches overall and the most effective churches in Oakland are made up of people who don’t seem to belong together.

For the sake of those who don’t belong

There are so many people in the city of Oakland who reject the gospel simply because they have never heard a clear, winsome, non-judgmental presentation. The church is the last place that many would look for help, spiritual or otherwise. The church is seen as irrelevant at best, or at worst, damaging to the psyche and society. In an increasingly diverse and cynical world, the diverse church is the only body able to effectively proclaim the gospel. We exist to proclaim the gospel to people who don’t think they belong inside a church.